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Everybody knows what the expression “doing time” means and although we never intended to design a handcuffs logo, this simple logo idea just caught us off guard.

At first, we thought that this logo will come in hand for a limited number of users, but at a second thought, we think that there is a fair amount of felony, justice, crime associated blogs or forums that can incorporate it. Not to mention the usage of this handcuffs logo integrated in printed materials related to this subject.

We wold like to remind you that the vector files are included in the downloadable kit and the logo design can be used both for commercial and personal purposes (please read the licence first).

To check another awesome time related logo please follow this link: Clock-Logo.

crime logo design

7 thoughts on “Handcuffs Logo

  1. stacy onofri | March 11, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    Cute and true

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